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Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

Selling Your Home

In the Buffalo-Niagara market, homes are selling quickly. One house in Audubon, a residential community in Amherst, got three offers above asking price on its first day on the market! If you’re a seller and you have what people are looking for right now, you’re going to sell your place quickly. What are some ways… Read more »

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents

So you’re thinking about working with a real estate agent, but you’ve never done so before, or it has been a really long time since you last dealt with the whole buying and selling process… what are some things to ask a potential real estate agent? Questions to Ask First, it’s good to do some… Read more »

How to Optimize Your Home Before Selling It

Staging Your Home

If you were having the Queen of England visit your house, you’d tidy up a bit, right? You might even go “all out” to make your place look its very best. Think of that notion when you think of selling your home. Before you put your house on the market, you should “stage” it so… Read more »

Why Spring and Summer Are the Best Times to Move

Moving to a New Home

Are you thinking of moving? If so, now could be the ideal time. Spring and summer are often considered the best times to move. For starters, the weather is nice. When it’s sunny and warm outside, people are in the mood to look at houses. It’s much easier to sell a house during July in… Read more »

The Differences Between a Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker

There is somewhat of a hierarchical pecking order in real estate. Therefore, a real estate agent is typically under their boss, the real estate broker. A broker, by the way, can also be a real estate agent. He or she can do what agents do, though oftentimes a broker gets busy supervising a whole bunch… Read more »

What is a First Time Homebuyer Loan?

Loans for First Time Homebuyers

When you decide to buy your first home, you’re known as a “first time homebuyer.” Because many first timers are at a point in their lives where money can be tight, they often seek out first time homebuyer loans (aka mortgages) in order to pay toward their purchase and make it a reality. First Time… Read more »

Things to Do in Buffalo This Holiday Season

Things to Do in Buffalo This December

The Buffalo-Niagara area at Christmastime has several things you, your friends, and your family can see and do mostly outdoors. Yes, it will probably be cold out, but that’s what warm coats, hats, mittens and boots are for, and there are plenty of things going on this month to enjoy, even when the “weather outside… Read more »

Tips for Winterizing Your Home

If you’ve lived in Western New York for any length of time, you’d know that it usually starts to snow about the second week of October. This year, however, we have had an extended summer. The months of September and October were warmer, sunnier and more pleasant than normal. However, as November and December creep… Read more »

Signs That You’re In Need of a Larger Home

If you’re a single person you probably don’t need a two-car garage, an extra-wide driveway, or a four bedroom house. However, if you fall in love with someone special, then he or she is going to play a big role in your everyday life. Where will they park their car during a Buffalo winter? Where… Read more »

What is a Market Analysis?

When people think about selling their home they often wonder, “How much should I sell it for?” The number doesn’t just appear out of thin air. The number often comes from having a real estate agent perform a market analysis in order to arrive at a number that will help the property sell quickly and… Read more »