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Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

Selling Your Home

In the Buffalo-Niagara market, homes are selling quickly. One house in Audubon, a residential community in Amherst, got three offers above asking price on its first day on the market! If you’re a seller and you have what people are looking for right now, you’re going to sell your place quickly. What are some ways… Read more »

What is a Market Analysis?

When people think about selling their home they often wonder, “How much should I sell it for?” The number doesn’t just appear out of thin air. The number often comes from having a real estate agent perform a market analysis in order to arrive at a number that will help the property sell quickly and… Read more »

What Determines Property Value?

What determines property value? That’s a good question that gets a couple different answers depending whom you ask. For people who want to sell their home, the property value is what a ready-and-willing-and-able buyer is willing to pay for the house. It’s a number that’s typically calculated by looking at comparable homes in the neighborhood… Read more »

Reasons to Stage Your Home Before Selling It

Some people are active when they want to sell their home, while others are passive. The active ones end up getting a better deal in the end. One of the “active” things you can do when thinking of selling your home is to have it “staged.” This is where the house gets spruced up to… Read more »