Consider These New Year’s Resolutions In Your Pursuit of Becoming a Homeowner

New Year’s resolutions are typically made each January, usually regarding jobs and weight loss, right? But what about those who want to accomplish something as big as becoming a homeowner? What are some New Year’s resolutions you can make to help you become a successful homeowner?

New Year’s Resolutions First things first: buying a home is a considerable financial investment. Therefore, you have to resolve to get into the habit of saving money rather than spending it on things you don’t really need. Here’s an small but good way to combat having to buy everything you see in a store that you like; wait a day and sleep on it, and if you determine the next day it’s something you “really need,” then get it, otherwise set that money aside for your savings account.

Related to the idea of saving money is this: build your credit history, repair damage to it, and get out of debt this year. By making payments on-time and in-full, you’re going to look attractive to mortgage lenders. They appreciate people with high credit scores– it tells them you’re “safe” to work with, because they see you can pay your bills!

Resolve to get to the point where your income is exceeding your expenses, such that you have enough money in the bank as a “cushion.” For instance, buying a house is a big investment, right? But it also requires maintenance, taxes, and unexpected problems that’ll need money to solve. Therefore, if you can start a “home maintenance” bank account where you put money away toward future needs, that’s a smart idea. You have to plan and prepare for expenses that come with owning and maintaining a house.

Finally, for the fun of it, make this year the year you learn how to do some “fix-it” things where you currently live. This could involve taking a book out from the library, watching YouTube videos, or asking a friend/relative to teach you how to do minor repairs. Learn some valuable new skills so eventually you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a professional repair person to come to your house charging $100 just to show up!

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