Home Staging Tips

1. Find a Happy Medium Between Lived-in and Clean

Remove or rearrange any existing clutter in your home and do a deep and complete house cleaning. A potential buyer is looking for a “new home”, not one that is worn out and filled with years of dust. Bring in fresh-cut flowers, a candle that’s not overpowering, and farmers market produce to finish off the “clean” feel.

2. Styling your dining room table

Dining room tables are often overlooked but can greatly affect the appearance of the entire room. Dress the table up with an attention-grabbing but not overpowering centerpiece placed on top of a clean runner. If your table has a leaf, or has more than 4 chairs it’s best to remove them for the home showing to make the dining room look more spacious.

3. Looking into Floors

Give all floors a good professional cleaning, and consider having wood floors refinished. If your carpets have multiple stains that cannot be removed, it’s best to have them replaced. If you don’t want to invest any further into the house you can strategically place area rugs. If using an area rug its best to stay away from ones that are too small and will get lost. For example, if putting a rug under a love seat, it’s best for the rug to protrude at least one foot out from each side. It’s much preferred to use a 5′ by 8′ foot rug rather than trying to jam the seat on a 4′ by 6′ foot rug.

If placing an area rug under a table and chairs, it’s best for the edge of the rug to come out 24-30 inches further than the end of the table.

If an area rug is needed to cover almost an entire floor its best to leave at least 20 to 36 inches from the edges of the rug to the wall.

4. Rearrangement of Furniture

Pull your furniture off of the walls to avoid “boxy-looking” rooms, and it’s best to use pairs of furniture (two sofas, two chairs, etc.). Rooms should look inviting, and be a great conversational area to keep potential buyers in them as long as possible.

5. Wall Painting

Now is not the time to experiment with the exotic colors you have always wanted to have on your walls. Chose sophisticated neutral colors such as Sherwin-Williams Practical Beige, Mega Greige, and Warm Stone. Its best to put a fresh coat of paint on EVERY wall. If you are re-hanging artwork or pictures, it’s best to hang them with the bottom of the frames 4 to 6 inches above the piece of furniture they are resting behind, or if they are standing alone, have the center of the piece be exactly 54 inches from the floor.

6. Creating a Gender-neutral Master Bedroom.

Appeal to females as well as males with a clean, and well-appointed master bedroom. Allow for both genders to be able to see themselves spending large amounts of time in there, without singling one of them out. Replacing the bedspread with neutral crisp linens, adding modern artwork and a blanket folded at the foot of the bed can create this image.

7. Using extra rooms wisely.

If you have been using rooms as storage or overflow areas, now is the time to turn those into what they were intended for. Every room in the house should have a clean and defined purpose to leave no questions in the home buyers mind. Turning the improperly used rooms into offices and guestrooms can greatly influence the selling value of your house, and can allow homebuyers to see the full potential. Whether you buy inexpensive furnishings, rent them, or borrow some from friends, making a real room out of a junk room will have a big payoff.

8. Entice people to explore the whole house.

Place objects around the house that will entice people to explore each and every room. Intrigue minds by using intricate rugs, vases of flowers, colorful art at the top of a staircase, hallway, or corner and keep potential buyers interested through an entire home showing.

9. Show how you can use awkward areas.

If you have dead space in your house – for example, beneath a staircase or in a nook – it’s best to try and find a way to show the potential buyer how the space can be used. Set up a small storage area with built-in shelves, or set up a small work station.

10. Stage the outdoors too.

You job isn’t complete when the inside of your house is properly staged! Complete the entire property by staging the outside of the home to allow potential buyers to visualize themselves eating breakfast or