How to Optimize Your Home Before Selling It

Staging Your Home If you were having the Queen of England visit your house, you’d tidy up a bit, right? You might even go “all out” to make your place look its very best. Think of that notion when you think of selling your home. Before you put your house on the market, you should “stage” it so it looks enticing to any and all people who will see it.

Staging means decorating and organizing a house in such a way that it looks impressive to buyers such that it sells quickly for the highest possible price. Basically, it involves highlighting a home’s assets and minimizing its weaknesses.

Remember, people are looking for a place that helps fulfill some of their hopes, wants and dreams. Your job is to help them see and believe that your house will do that. Homebuyers would like to see how great a house looks rather than one that hasn’t been tended to, shows no signs of care or concern, and is “falling apart.” Just like people get cosmetic enhancements, so should homes, especially before they’re offered for sale.

What are some key components of staging a house for sale?

Tips for Optimizing the Home You’re Selling

First, it should be clean. Your guests should say, “It’s so clean in here I could eat off the floor.”

Next, it should be decluttered. Even if you have to rent storage space down the road, do whatever it takes to get rid of small and big stuff taking up space. You want the place to look “open” and “inviting,” instead of “cluttered” and “messy.”

Thirdly, depersonalize the place. Stage it so a buyer can imagine themselves living there, rather than having to look at all of your mementos, pictures, and other stuff that says, “I live here and you don’t!”

Also, and try to make sure there is a favorable aroma in the air. Put simply, the house should smell good and not like your pet. It’s no wonder that realtors have been known to have bread or cookies baking in the oven when showing a house—good smells put people in better moods.

As for wallpaper and/or paint, do what you can to make the place neutral enough that a person walking into it says, “I can work with this.” Even though you liked a bright pink room, the majority of people won’t. In addition, that wallpaper that has been up since the Nixon administration? That’s not going to impress buyers.

Finally, define each room’s purpose so a potential buyer can walk into it and know exactly what it’s for, such as laundry, exercise or office work.

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