Signs That You’re In Need of a Larger Home

If you’re a single person you probably don’t need a two-car garage, an extra-wide driveway, or a four bedroom house. However, if you fall in love with someone special, then he or she is going to play a big role in your everyday life. Where will they park their car during a Buffalo winter? Where will they store their stuff in your cramped place?

Moving to a Bigger Home If you’re the kind of person who likes to have people over but there’s nowhere for them to sit, stand, chat or eat, then you might need a larger home. If you have a whole lot of stuff to store but there’s not enough room in your current place, such that you’re paying to rent a storage locker down the road, then it’s time to “move on up” in the world of bigger homes.

Take, for instance, the plight of people living in old brownstones in Brooklyn downstate– sure, these stately homes are beautiful to look at with their ornate and classic design, but you’ll soon discover there’s no room for a dining room table and chairs in most of them. Bathrooms are so small that you can barely close the door let alone find a place to put your feet when you’re squashed like an accordion on the toilet! Indeed, many older homes, whether they’re in Brooklyn or the Buffalo area or anywhere else are just too cramped for modern day lifestyles. Were the people smaller years back? Probably. Did they only need a tiny closet to hang a handful of outfits? Yep. Today, however, people crave “wide open spaces.” They expect it!

It’s no wonder, then, that newer homes with wider hallways, “open floor plans,” and tons of cabinets, shelves and drawers are more in-demand than the cramped ones built before 1939.

Now, of course, there’s another big reason people feel the need to upgrade to a bigger home… besides running out of room for their stuff and/or not having enough space to entertain guests, there’s the age-old challenge of having a growing family.

Maybe a small apartment works well for a newly married couple, but then baby #1 comes along. Sure, the apartment “kind of” works for a while, but you know what mom is going to say to dad? “Honey, we need a bigger place!” Now if baby #2 is born a year or two later, it’s almost without a doubt that the couple will decide (well, she’ll decide and he’ll go along with whatever makes her happy) to move to a bigger place. Having kids and/or deciding that elderly parents should “move in” automatically increases the need for more bedrooms and bathrooms.

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