Starpoint Central School District Continues to Draw Rave Reviews

School DistrictsPeople typically move somewhere to be near good jobs and/or good schools. If you have kids, you most likely want them to attend reputable schools where they’ll get the best education possible, right?

When looking to move to a new place “for the schools,” you should consider places where children are used to/known for excelling. In other words, you want to put your kids into schools that have an expectation of success, where getting an “A” is encouraged and academics are taken seriously. Look for districts who care about art, music and sports, too, which help “round out” the educational experience.

The Starpoint Central School District, which covers the Towns of Pendleton, Cambria, Lockport, Wheatfield and Royalton, serves about 7,000 students. Dr. Sean M. Croft is the Superintendent, a role he recently stepped into after serving for nine years as the assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Assessment and Staff Development. Under his leadership, Starpoint continues its rich tradition of academic excellence and community support.

Indeed, Starpoint is a school district on the rise, ranked eighth highest performing school district in Western New York. For the record, it went from number 26 in 2011 to number 8 in 2015.

What makes Starpoint stand out from the competition? They place an emphasis on supporting students throughout their whole educational experience and family involvement is key. The schools are community hubs, and people are friendly toward one another. Of course, Starpoint owes a lot of its success to its teachers. There’s an attitude of continuous improvement in the district, with more STEM classes being offered in order to meet the needs of jobs young people will seek after they complete their studies.

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