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Reasons to Have a Garden on Your Property

Garden Have you seen the prices for fruits and vegetables go up, up, up over the years? Take a trip to Tops, Wegmans, or any other grocery store in Western New York, and you might get sticker shock when you see what they’re charging for basic foods we all should be eating more of…

Why not plant a garden on your property this year? First of all, think of the money you’ll save when you can harvest your own mini-crops of things like tomatoes and cucumbers and beans. Plus, you’ll be eating healthier than most people, with fresh foods literally from your garden to your kitchen table– no middleman.

Gardening can be a relaxing thing to do in order to get your mind off your day job. Forget the emails, reports and sales figures. Instead, concentrate on digging your hands in the dirt, tilling the soil, planting seeds, and nurturing plants as they grow. You can become a horticulturalist, and it’ll give you something to talk about with like-minded gardeners. After all, people who grow things love to share thoughts, tips and advice with one another.

Gardens make your property look more appealing. If fruits and vegetables aren’t your thing, consider planting a flower garden. Anytime you see a home with pretty flowers surrounding it, you know someone lives there who cares for them and tends to them so that they look nice for all who see them. It’s a matter of personal pride, and anything that can be done to beautify a neighborhood is a good thing.

Finally, in this world we live in where young and old alike seem glued to computer screens, starting and maintaining a garden is a way to get away from computers and handheld smart phones. There’s a satisfaction in gardening as you and yours get to see what you’ve created. Spending time outdoors in the fresh air– getting closer to nature than a computer screen allows– is an important aspect of life we shouldn’t avoid. Gardening can bring people together; it’s good for the soul!