The Benefits of Living in a Buffalo Suburb

Why do people move from the city to the suburbs? Usually, it’s because the lots are wider so they’re not so close to their neighbors, there’s plenty of room in the front, side and back yard for kids to run around and play, and the schools are above average. The Buffalo suburbs are popular precisely for these reasons.

Lots of married couples with little kids want the suburban experience. The suburbs aren’t lacking nearby amenities like rural areas often do, and they’re also considered safer than urban areas where people are living close together and there’s often concentrated poverty. Indeed, the suburbs of any city, including Buffalo, are generally safe, affluent, and loaded with quality shops and restaurants and schools.

As a realtor, Donna Littlefield specializes in Wheatfield, Pendleton and Amherst. These Buffalo suburbs are the epitome of what a foreigner would consider the typical, idyllic American suburb. People use cars to get to-and-fro, there are plenty of recreational activities available in nice parks and such, and things are generally kept-up, modern, and clean.

Amherst is home to the University at Buffalo, which brings a smart, diverse group of people to the area. The campus offers sporting events, concerts, art shows and more. Indeed, the university’s presence enhances the overall region with its brainy professors, creative students and many good-paying jobs for all sorts of people.

Wheatfield and Pendleton are a little more “sleepy,” in a good way. They’re the kind of suburbs people like to go home to in order to get away from the crowded, noisier urban areas. They offer nice, affordable homes. Being in between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, it’s a quick car ride to either for various entertainment options, from casinos to concerts.

Where would, for instance, soccer moms choose to live if they were moving to the Buffalo area? Wheatfield, Pendleton and Amherst are all great choices. Donna Littlefield is the realtor to connect buyers with homes for sale in these quality Buffalo suburbs. Call her today at 716-578-1788.