Things to Consider When Searching for a New Home

Just like in business, where location is “everything,” the same can be said for house hunting. Indeed, that’s the number one thing to consider when searching for a new home. Location determines so much– from commute times to how big (or small) your yard will be. It’s important to research locations and do a pros/cons list of each one, ultimately deciding a “top 3” list of potential locations where you could see yourself living comfortably.

With regards to location, there are several factors. For most people, it’s “how close to work is it?” If you have a job in Rochester, but live in Buffalo, that one and a half hour commute might not be ideal, especially in winter. But if you have a job in Tonawanda and a house in Wheatfield, that fifteen minutes or less commute works well.

Many couples who want to get married have to decide where they’ll live. What happens when she’s used to living in the rural country and he’s a suburban guy at heart? Perhaps they compromise and choose to live in an area that straddles the border between rural and suburban.

How much does public transportation matter to you? Do you have a need to be close to things like Tim Horton’s, Wal-Mart, and/or a certain mall? What about a church you attend or a school system you’d like your kids to be enrolled in? Location matters– a lot! Spend time in the neighborhood(s) you’re thinking of moving to, both during the day and at night, to get a proper “real feel” for what life is like there. Does a siren from a firehouse go off too many times nearby? Are there noisy train tracks in the vicinity? What about industrial smokestacks around the area? Of course you’ll also want to consider how safe a place feels: can you walk outdoors, alone at night and feel good about sending your children outdoors to play?

Searching for a new home also involves your personal situation and what your future holds. For instance, one woman who is single and in her early sixties currently lives in a two-story home may love her property, but she may be worried that as she gets older she won’t be able to easily climb up and down stairs, and may prefer a ranch home elsewhere.

Other things to take into consideration about a potential new place to live include aesthetics: does the new place look nice? Could you see yourself living there? Does the feel of the house fit your personality and lifestyle? Is there enough room for your stuff? How’s the landscaping?

Finally, people tend to focus on bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, since those are places in a home where they spend the most time. Therefore, pick the home which offers the best versions of those rooms to meet your specific needs.

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