Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

Selling Your HomeIn the Buffalo-Niagara market, homes are selling quickly. One house in Audubon, a residential community in Amherst, got three offers above asking price on its first day on the market! If you’re a seller and you have what people are looking for right now, you’re going to sell your place quickly.

What are some ways to help sell your property quickly?

Experienced Real Estate Agent

First, you should consider hiring an experienced real estate agent like me. An experienced real estate agent can activate his or her network of connections to help enlarge the amount of people your property is exposed to in a short amount of time.

Finding the Right Price Point

Next, don’t price your place too high. You have to pay attention to what similar, comparable places have sold for in your neighborhood. Oftentimes people price their place too high because they don’t really want to sell it. They say they do, but they’re sentimental and price it high so it won’t get any offers. Only sell a place when you’re sure you really do want to sell it. Then, price it in a range that makes sense for the market. If other similar homes in the area are going for $150,000 then price yours near that, rather than at, say, $250,000.

Augment the Curb Appeal

Thirdly, enhance the look of your place so people will want to buy it! This means sprucing up its “curb appeal” with a fresh coat of paint, cleaned up yard, flowers in planters, a brand new front door, etc. You want to create a great first impression– you want to “WOW” ‘em. Then, inside, clear out clutter, repaint walls so they’re more neutral than before, and perhaps replace worn carpeting or make some other home improvements that’ll impress buyers. Consider having your real estate agent help you “stage” the house, which makes it look like it’s move-in ready– giving buyers a feel for what goes where and how it might look if they lived there.

Market it Properly

Finally, make sure you house is listed online and has outstanding photos that really show off its assets. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the photos posted online of your house can either help it sell quickly or… discourage people from even wanting to attend an open house.

For help selling a home quickly in Western New York, contact realtor Donna Littlefield at 716-578-1788.