What is a Real Estate Concierge Service?

 Real Estate Concierge Services You’ve probably heard of the term “concierge” in relation to big city hotels in tourist areas like New York or Miami. At a hotel, the concierge person is the one who helps guests find things such as taxi rides, tickets to shows, and whatever else they need that happens to be located outside of the hotel complex.

Did you know that the real estate industry often offers concierge services these days? In Western New York, Donna Littlefield does… but more on that later.

The Stresses of Moving

When you move, there’s usually a lot of stress involved and real estate agents want to help take some of that stress away. By providing people with connections to “vetted vendors,” agents help people get the “extra” stuff done. Think of it this way: an agent could just sell you a house and then you’re on your own for things like finding a painter to repaint the living room to your liking or finding a pool company to install a pool in the backyard for summer fun. With concierge services, though, the agent continues their relationship with the home buyer/seller, helping them figure out who to work with in order to get more stuff done.

The Benefits of Concierge Services

Real estate agents typically know many people in the community or communities they serve. Real estate people are networkers by trade, and therefore they develop relationships over the years with all sorts of business owners and service providers. Take, for instance, Donna Littlefield. She knows her communities well. When someone moves into Wheatfield, for example, she has a list of trustworthy local people she can recommend to clients who will do indoor/outdoor painting, plumbing repairs and upgrades, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, hardwood or carpet installations, driveway repairs/upgrades, AC unit installations, pool installations, and deck/patio building, among other things.

Donna Littlefield’s “Home Concierge” program is her way of going the extra mile for clients, helping them have less stress after closing on their new home. Furthermore, clients appreciate that they don’t have to do the hard work of finding decent vendors. Donna’s already done that! Call her at 716-578-1788 if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Western New York.