Why Spring and Summer Are the Best Times to Move

Moving to a New Home Are you thinking of moving? If so, now could be the ideal time. Spring and summer are often considered the best times to move.

For starters, the weather is nice. When it’s sunny and warm outside, people are in the mood to look at houses. It’s much easier to sell a house during July in the Buffalo area compared to mid-January when it gets dark out at 4:30 p.m. and there’s snow and ice covering the roads, driveways and yards. Meanwhile, actually moving stuff from one place to another is a lot easier when you don’t have to wear boots, a hat and a heavy coat. In the spring and summer months, the weather makes moving boxes in and out of homes a lot easier than in the winter.

Next, May and June are prime time for garage sales in Western New York. That means you can sell a lot of your stuff before you move out, and there are plenty of eager shoppers who’d be happy to check out your bargains. It’s easier to sell off stuff you don’t really need or want anymore from the comfort of your current garage/yard than to have to pack it up and haul it away in a car or truck.

If you have kids, it’s best to make your move when they’re not in school. Therefore, it makes sense to move in July or August when school is not in session. Most families with kids like to move in the summer months in order to give the kids some time to adjust to their new neighborhood. Furthermore, they get a couple weeks at the new place before they have to start at their new school. In Western New York, most schools start “back to school” in early September, so families like to get settled before that.

As for adults with jobs to worry about, summer months tend to be a little more relaxed and flexible for many workers. Indeed, many workers take their vacations in July, for sure. Therefore, it might be easier to take days off to move to a new place without disrupting your employer’s operations too much during the laid-back summer months.

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